Sunday, December 1, 2013

Check out this AMAZING Collab & Raffle: Escaping Chaos!
Per each $2 you spend, you will get 2 kits, PLUS 2 tickets for our raffle, up to $10!!
The raffle will be giving away gift certificates for tubes from Artistically Inclined Licensing, and also the personal stores of Ismael Rac, Keith Garvey, Arthur Crowe, Elias Chatzoudis, and others, Buy my Store giveaways, Kit Gift Certificates, handmade items, and so much more!
All proceeds go to help a friend and her children (two of them special needs) get out of an abusive home and into a place of her own. A great woman and friend has been put in a very bad situation, where she and her children are victims of verbal and mental abuse daily. We want to help her to get out of this home, but she has limited income and can not afford a deposit to move into a new place. We are trying to raise enough for her to be able to put a deposit down and also be able to pay for any other expenses that might arise from a sudden move. Please help us raise enough to save her and her three children from anymore emotional anguish!

**Jackie's Jewels: BUY MY STORE FOR $10!**
All proceeds will be going to a friend and her children who have been victims of verbal and mental abuse, so that they can move out of their current living situation and get away from the abuse! EVERYONE who purchases this deal will ALSO get 2 TICKETS for the "Escaping Chaos" raffle, which will be giving away tubes, scrap kits, handmade items, and MORE! Don't miss out because this deal won't be around forever!!!

Ct Member for Denise Creationz 2013

** CT TAGS MADE Denise Creationz 2013 **
Using the Awesome PTU Kit Merry Christmas
this is a stunning and very festive kit that will give you hours
of tagging pleasure with...
* 6 Papers 700 x 700
* 4 Snowflakes
* 3 Frames
* 4 Sparkles
* 7 Christmas Wordarts
* 8 Bows
* 6 Christmas Balls
* 1 Christmas Tree
* 3 Tags
* 3 Presents
* 2 Candles
* 3 Christmas Candy
* 2 Animals
* 1 Light
* 1 Snowmen/1 Snow
* 6 Christmas Ornaments
you can purchase the kit here...